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Navigate your  success

We're your marketing compass.

Your sounding board.

Your sherpa.

When you’re looking to jumpstart, to simplify the complex, or to plot a course for marketing success, you can count on us. We’re alongside you filling the gaps, wherever or however you need us. From planning to messaging to campaigns to execution, our rare blend of expertise is an extension of your team. Let’s make your marketing efforts whole. Together.

Complex Enterprises

The business demands keep getting bigger and bigger, even when your team does not. With nearly 60 years of experience navigating and leading enterprise teams, we know how to tackle your growing challenges. We’ll build success by partnering with your team, your stakeholders, and your audiences.  

Complement your Marketing Team

Roadmap and vision

Content and campaign strategies

MarTech stack
and optimization

Transformation initiatives

Agency search and evaluation

Org structure

Scale with Fractional Marketers

Positioning and brand building

Campaign plans and execution

Marketing plans and strategies

Sales enablement

Digital operations

Audience insights

Growth Businesses

You’ve done the work to meet a defined need in the marketplace. Now it’s time to grow. Look to us as your fractional marketing team for direction and specialized executional support. Let’s work together, positioning your brand and building customized plans to achieve success.  


Snap Decisions

Get to know us and hear from fascinating guests. Learn about the latest marketing trends and key decisions shaping how products, brands and people present themselves to the world. Learn about unique journeys and how pivotal moments drove success for marketing leaders, creative powerhouses, and inspirational personalities.


John Young

Yes, I was that kid who enjoyed watching TV ads as much as classic reruns. So I guess it’s no surprise I’ve spent my career crafting how organizations present themselves to audiences.  


Working with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 30, I’ve enjoyed leading large-scale change initiatives and helping early-stage businesses create their voices and growth trajectories. Along the way, I’ve driven results and executed award-winning marketing programs for companies across various industries. 


A two-time founder, I bring an entrepreneurial mindset to every challenge. And I believe there’s harmony to be found in marketing, where an organization achieves big results AND is proud of how they show up in the world. Let’s make some music together. 

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Brian Marks

I’m inspired by the story. The journey. The mountain tops and valleys. I love hearing how you got here and where you want to go next. I’m fascinated by the opportunities and capabilities we have at our fingertips today. I’ve spent the last 25 years helping companies navigate the digital era, whether it was building the right web experience in the '00s, crafting the right social media strategy in the early ’10s or figuring out how it all works together for the consumer since the late ’10s. 


Your teams need the right training, skillsets and strategies to weave in and out of today’s big shiny objects (like privacy, AI, and personalization).


Let’s partner together and figure out success together.

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“Marks & Young quickly assessed our needs and built an actionable, right-sized marketing plan. And we’re saving the time, money and execution risk of building a similar capability in-house.”​

John Dording, President, Constituo Software

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